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Aimee Victoria Talbot

King's Lynn, Norfolk
♪♫ Singer♫♪
Remember Your Friends & Forget All The Haters, Cause The People Who Mind Don't Matter & The People Who Matter Wont Mind.

R.I.P Kitty & Bubbles

Being In A Wheelchair, The last thing you'd expect me to be doing is Performing Arts...but in fact Singing is my main passion, and hopefully one day, my career. I love music, I am a pretty big boyband fan but I love all different genres so dont tie me down just to pop! I am on the internet rather a lot - especially twitter (@Bunnyaimee) and youtube (http://www.youtube.com/bunnyaimee) I also make Vlogs (Video Blogs) and sing on Youtube.

I guess you could call me a bit of a geek, as I love gaming & a lot of tv shows/films! :D (Im also pretty obsessed with The Avengers, especially Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Hiddleston!)

I am generally quite an upbeat positive person, and ill pretty much talk to anyone if your nice to me :P just treat me like any other person, cause lets be honest...i am! :P "Everyone Is Unique...Just Like Everybody Else"

'Awesomely Random & Randomly Awesome!'

i come out with some pretty random crap sometimes but i like to try and make life as interesting as possible, and if it makes just ONE person smile, then its worth it :)

Anything else? Ask! :D