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Erin Patters

Zoo World
Senior Zoo keeper intern
Bruch, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
life, and unfortunate master of none.

I dance in the shadows of the moon alongside gypsies, I will whoop and ride bareback with the cowboys, I will throw my arms into the beat of the drum with the hippies, and throw my body in the beat of the hardcore Rock. I will hug trees of ancient, mighty earth with the environmentalist, I will rescue the falcon from the snare with the wildlife enthusiasts. I will bath my skin in the blue, ticking light of a computer screen for hours with the techno-geeks. I will summon my ethereal, magick mind into consciousness with the pagan stride, and walk alongside the Buddhist monks. I will pay tribute at the Japanese shrine, and honor the pantheons of all. I'm a dreamer by trade, breathing in the scent of ancient hard-bound books as if to live by their mysteries alone. I love mothers and daughters, and tilt my head at the boys. I giggle with the gayest of men, and hug the same of the girls. I love my husband, and that above all; but the earth is my temple, all its creatures my call.