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Pottermore: Ravenclaw

And I is apparently the same height as a giant panda bear sitting down :) (Y)


"My name's Chloe and I've lost my umbrella"

"I wish I was Taylor Swfit"
"I wish I was Kristen Stewart"
"I wish I was his underwear"

"Why is it a 2?"
"Because 2 is my favourite letter"

"Lily, Tom wants you. Literally"

"Moustache Hooshie"

"We said we want someone who eats sushi"
"We want someone who doesn't eat anything"
"That's because we are sushi!!"

"Alan Partridge is in my cupboard"

"That monkey looks like Michael Jackson"

"Spack ass"

"What's my arse called?" "Phillip"

"I took my dog for a shaggy walk"

"What a load of Phillip"

"Where's Peter?!"
"Who's Peter?"
"My pencil!"
"You name your pencils? Lily, are you allowed out?"

"Eating these always remind me of Christmas because I was eating them once while eating the Grinch... wait no"

"But is that (kleptomania) stealing or is it just... taking stuff..."

"What do you call a man that floats on the sea?"
"No! Bob!"

"Oh, I thought Manila is man flavoured vanilla..."

"I make lots of mental notes but I think that's just thinking"

"If someone shows me a butterfly cake, I vill eat it!"

"When was yesterday?"

"They're very caravan proud"

"Mine sounds like a posh donkey!"

"She doesn't stroke when she purrs"

(Wands from HP World in Florida)"Do they work?"

"You're like a scared flasher"

"He's so fat that if he wore a belt and a tie he looks like a sausage!"

"I'm not Jesus yet"
"What? Do you need training at Jesus Camp?"

"Are you Jesus?"
"Yes, well, I'm training"

"I'm a T-Rex, ja?"

"Miss let me in! I wanna draw my onion!"

"So you're saying all Mexican chickens wants to commit suicide"

"You need to synchronise your peeing patterns!"

"Do you have BLADDER ISSUES?!"

"Yes but your dogs are happy fat, this one's angry fat"

"Where's your filofax?"
"Where isn't my filofax?"

"I like chocolate, specially chocolate cow related"

"Mine didn't have any cow on it"

"She got chucked out of a car. Literally"


"But we have to come up with a better name than Becca- Shit Hole!"

"Pineapple because you're piney"

"Everytime I serve it I have to say here's 'your tit'"

"It tastes like powerade and lucozade- you know aids"

"Ooh! The Hulk!"
"No wonder Becca likes you"

"What was my mushroom?"

"Have you broken yourself?"

"I have a thick skull but a weak nose"

"Why are we analysing a hole?"

"Did I label 'ya tit' right?"

"It's like egg cell communication"

"My nose bounces when you flick it like that"

"I'll poke you with my Z-Line"

"Your input wasn't necessary"
"Neither was your life"

"Your eggs are all over the floor!"

"Pinkies mean nothing to Richelle, she's got two of them!" (Pinky promises)

"The sound of gas escaping from a bottle is like whale song to you?!"

"Back in my day there was no one called Rebecca. The County banned it" (Granny Soufflé)

"Back in my day we used to chew metal" (Granny Soufflé)

"You know, like comfort food"
"Oh yeah! Like Meatballs and stuff!"

"They only let him out for nipple time" (ab