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Jess T

Lowestoft, England
Life is a mockery of what we hope to be.

I wanna laugh but I think that i'm choking on reality.

26/f, done some fun things in my life but on the outside I might be seen as a bit boring *shrugs*. Love gigs n going to the cinema, hanging out with mates, not so much into clubbing though, too many people (gigs different atmosphere before you ask!), music does my head in pretty quickly and getting drunk never really appealed to me, though whatever floats your boat n all that. Would like travelling if I could afford it more but i'm not that ood at saving up mosta the time. Though i'm sure i could at least afford france if i made an effort.. Anyhoo i'm a bit of a geek/nerd/dork but i'm not good enough or smart enough to be a serious gamer or computer/chess etc whizz. I'm not much of a girlie-girl... 'Stupid Girls' by Pink is one of my favourite songs for this reason.